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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Managing multiple chronic conditions and medications can be challenging and confusing for patients. In the U.S. 133 million people live with at least one chronic condition and one-third to one-half of Americans fails to take their medications as prescribed.1
Chronic conditions typically require monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar levels, diet and more. Patients may also be taking medications multiple times each day, some of which require special storage and administration requirements. As a result, patients may get overwhelmed, leading to poor adherence and health outcomes. 

Our MTM program is designed to help patients with these challenges and improve health outcomes. The core components of our MTM program include:

Annual Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) with a CEC clinician
Patients meet with a CEC clinician for clinical education and guidance. 

Recurring Targeted Medication Reviews (TMRs). 
TMRs capture potential drug-related problems (DRPs). In turn, this helps minimize or prevent adverse health outcomes for patients. 

Plan sponsors get comprehensive reporting including:  
  • Member satisfaction results
  • CMR completion rate metrics
  • Return on investment from drug-related interventions

1Benjamin RM. Medication adherence: helping patients take their medicines as directed. Public Health Rep. 2012 Jan-Feb;127(1):2-3. doi: 10.1177/003335491212700102. PMID: 22298918; PMCID: PMC3234383.