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Academic Detailing

Our Academic Detailing program provides clinical outreach to providers to optimize prescribing patterns including: 

Diabetes and Respiratory Case Management
These care programs focus on long-term, complex disease states that require ongoing clinical monitoring and management.

Lower Cost Alternatives
Cost is one of the leading factors contributing to medication non-adherence and poor health outcomes. At Navitus, we recognize that providers may not be aware of potential cost-savings opportunities of therapeutically equivalent, lower-tier medications. This program targets high-cost medications and educates providers with lower-cost, clinically effective alternatives for their patients.  

Opioid Deprescribing and Psychiatric Polypharmacy Management
Prescription opioid overdose deaths account for nearly one of five deaths in America. At Navitus, we can identify potentially harmful dosing and therapy overlap. We collaborate with plan sponsors to develop customized programs to improve patient outcomes with solutions including prescriber and member outreach, targeting criteria and program lifespan.