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An Exceptional Experience

Navitus Residency Program Director is Marnie Wickizer, who was the winner of the 2018 AMCP Inaugural Award for Managed Care Pharmacy Residency/Preceptor. This award recognizes Wickizer for her successful work as residency director, residency preceptor, student preceptor, clinical instructor, chapter advisor, peer reviewer, mentor, and volunteer. 
Julie Olson, Vice President, Clinical Account Management & Innovation, praised Wickizer’s work, saying, “The Navitus Residency Program has been very effective at producing knowledgeable and driven pharmacy leaders, and we see the program continuing to be innovative and highly impactful within the managed care space.” 

Along with Wickizer, residents will have access to multi-disciplinary pharmacists, residency preceptors, nurses, certified pharmacy technicians, and other clinicians. Our collaborative approach provides an exceptional experience that is reflected in the experiences of past residents.


The Perspective of Past Residents

  • The Navitus residency was an amazing experience. It is incredible to think about how much I learned about managed care and specialty pharmacy over the course of one year. Marnie (RPD) and Agata (program coordinator) provided amazing support, ensuring we were happy and successful throughout the year. All of our preceptors were knowledgeable, approachable and supportive. During our rotations, we were treated as valued members of the team and given meaningful projects to work on that deepened our knowledge of managed care. I only have great things to say about the Navitus residency!
    • Musetta A. Steinbach, PharmD
    • Navitus Resident, 2020-2021
    • Drug Information Pharmacist at Navitus Health Solutions
  • The Navitus Residency Program provides residents with invaluable skills and diverse experiences that quickly develop well-rounded clinicians. The array of projects, both individual and team-based, have meaningful impacts on Navitus and the members it serves. Preceptors provide a level of support that is simply unmatched, and which cultivates an optimal learning environment for residents. There is an excellent balance of direction and autonomy, which fosters continuous personal and professional development, and provides ample opportunity to maximize one's potential. Through the range of rotations in every department of the company, I have been able to form meaningful and lasting relationships that will benefit me greatly in my continued career with Navitus. I am fortunate to be able to continue to work with this exceptional group of people.
    • Kurt Mittelstadt, PharmD
    • Navitus Resident, 2020-2021
    • Clinical Account Executive at Navitus Health Solutions
  • Completing my PGY-1 Managed Care residency at Navitus was one of the smartest decisions I have made to-date and has been extremely rewarding for my career thus far. It was an incredible year filled with intriguing and integrative projects, amazing preceptors, and fun memories. I am so grateful that I was able to stay with Navitus post-residency and apply the skills I learned in an exciting and challenging full-time role.
    • Chelsea Woods, PharmD
    • Navitus Resident, 2016-2017
    • Senior Clinical Account Executive at Navitus Health Solutions
  • The Managed Care Residency Program at Navitus is the best way to establish a clinical foundation in a managed care setting. The program focuses on the development of the individual through a comprehensive, team-based approach to learning while providing residents with exposure to all clinical aspects and services of a PBM. Residents are involved with a number of opportunities that cultivate growing leaders. The residency program really increased my understanding of this non-traditional pharmacy setting, and helped me to create a network of resources throughout our company. I would highly recommend this program.
    • Jennifer Morrison, PharmD
    • Navitus Resident, 2015-2016
    • Associate Director, Quality and Program Development at Lumicera Health Services
  • The Navitus Managed Care Residency was an awesome experience. The program does a great job of exposing you to different areas of managed care. I have learned so much through the different rotations offered. It also allowed me to be involved in patient care through the unique staffing opportunities. All during residency, I received a lot of support and mentorship, and even after as I continue my career with Navitus. This was one of the best decisions I made.
    • Ngoc Nguyen, PharmD
    • Navitus Resident, 2021-2022
    • Clinical Operations Pharmacist at Navitus Health Solutions
  • During my 4th year rotations I still did not know what pharmacy avenue I wanted to go down, but after a day visiting at Navitus, I knew it was where I wanted to be. From the genuine smiles meeting me at the door to the unique business model of complete transparency, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. The residency program was instrumental in my transformation from fresh graduate to seasoned clinician, integral to providing value and service to Navitus’ clients. All pharmacy graduates, not just those who have already decided on managed care, can succeed and have succeeded in this program because of the top-level internal support and the immersive experience that the Navitus Managed Care Residency provides.
    • Nate Gonring, PharmD
    • Navitus Resident, 2016-2017
    • Rebate Account Executive at Navitus Health Solutions