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What is Navitus Health Solution’s Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program?
The MTM program is a health management service in which Navitus’ plan sponsors may select for their eligible employees or members to participate on a voluntary basis.

Clinical pharmacists review eligible participants’ medication profiles and contact the participants via telephone to discuss possible issues or concerns. They also seek to help you optimize your patients’ medication therapies for efficacy, safety and cost purposes.

What are the MTM program’s purposes?
The MTM program seeks to improve participating members’ overall level of medical care and health outcomes by:
  • Determining participants receive drug therapy matching their specific condition and needs
  • Promoting participant adherence to medication therapy
  • Minimizing, preventing and managing side effects to needed drug therapy and assist participant in weighing risks and benefits of drug therapy
  • Improving participants’ health literacy, self-management capability, utilization of available clinical and educational resources and ability to communicate their wishes to their health care professionals
  • Lowering participants’ out-of-pocket drug expenses
How do my patients qualify to participate in the MTM program?
To qualify, your patients must be Navitus members, who meet eligibility criteria developed by their prescription drug plan. Eligible patients are invited to enroll. Those who opt into the program provide contact information for themselves and their prescribers.
Will I be notified if my patients are participating in this program?
The Navitus MTM program team asks participants to contact the prescribers who treat them. Information from contact between your patients and MTM pharmacists will be shared upon the consent of your patients.