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Patrick Gilbert Photo

Patrick Gilbert

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

As Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis, Pat focuses on Corporate Financial Analysis and Management, Revenue Management and Administrative Pricing, Corporate Forecasting, Analytics Management, and Corporate Budgeting.

Since joining Navitus in 2006 Pat has been involved in almost all financial aspects of Navitus and Lumicera growth. He has led and completed 16 annual operating and capital plans — during which time Navitus grew from a single organization with a handful of departments to three entities with nearly 100 departments — and has been instrumental in more than 20 building and space expansion projects.

Pat has played a crucial part in growing and making Navitus and Lumicera successful. He is a valued advisor to Navitus and Lumicera on strategic planning, forecasting, capital planning, client profitability, board materials and many other financial and operational components. He has analyzed the administrative fee pricing for almost every new and renewed client contract since 2006, and, for the last several years he has provided leadership and direction to the Analytics group.